Faculty of Arts & Science New Art History Course

Faculty of Arts & Science New Art History Course

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Department of Art History faculty must use this form to develop a proposal for a new undergraduate course.

When you have completed this form, click the SUBMIT button. Clicking SUBMIT will send your New Course Form directly to the Undergraduate Assistant.

New FAS Undergraduate Art History Courses are due by October 18, 2023.

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List the prerequisites required to enrol in the course. If no prerequisite is required, enter "None" in the field below.
Full credit courses may have one breadth category (counting as 1.0 in that category) or two (counting as 0.5 in two categories); half-credit courses may only have one breadth category.
Total Instructional Hours
Usually multiples of 12
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Choose from either none, slightly, notably, or extensively.
Experiential Learning
Choose from either none, notably, or extensively.
Indicates an experience that is unusual, unique, or distinctive; this includes community involvement, distinctive practicals or laboratories, field work, internships, international experience or exchange, ROP or REP courses, service learning, or studio. Leave blank for courses including laboratories, term papers, short trips, team projects or self-directed study.
If your course would affect other programs in terms of their program requirements, prerequisites/exclusions, it is essential to indicate such consultation has happened. Otherwise, indicate relevant internal or external consultation as needed (e.g., unit governance, student demand, success as topic course, etc.).