Completed Dissertations

Name Title Supervisor Year
Steingart, Elana Semiotic Validity in Incomplete Aegean Bronze Age Seal Impressions Knappett, Carl 2023
Sager, Tia The Poetics and Politics of Space: A Regional Analysis of the Cretan Final Palatial and Postpalatial Built Environment Knappett, Carl 2023
Myburgh, Brittany Projected Visions: László Moholy-Nagy, Thomas Wilfred, and Light Art in the Twentieth Century Kaplan, Louis 2021
Dewan, Rachel Containing Meaning: Miniature Pottery on Bronze Age Crete Knappett, Carl 2021
Efrat, Liron Welcome to the Oasis of The Real: The Aesthetics of Convergence in Augmented Reality Kaplan, Louis 2021
Hirschey, Paige At the Frontier of the Impossible: Reimagining the Legacies of György Kepes and the Center for Advanced Visual Studies Cheetham, Mark 2022
Lampert Golding, Rebecca Visualizing Medicine in the Twelfth Century: Bodily Disease, Spiritual Cure, and Christian Salvation Cohen, Adam S. 2022
Mattison, Elizabeth Rice Reforming Sculpture: The Prince-Bishopric of Liege, 1468–1566 Kavaler, Ethan Matt 2021
Belford, Liora Toward Listening as a Curatorial Method: Histories, Methodologies, Propositions Legge, Elizabeth 2021
Doucet, Emily Developing the Future: Felix Nadar's Photographic Experiments Bear, Jordan 2020
Rife, Michaela Elaine Public Art, Private Land: Settler Colonialism and Environment in New Deal Murals on the Great Plains Cheetham, Mark 2020
Tankha, Akshaya An Aesthetics of Endurance: Art, Visual Culture and Indigenous Presence in Nagaland, Northeast India Jain, Kajri 2020
Gheorghiade, Paula A Network Approach to Cultural Interaction and Maritime Connectivity on Crete during the Late Bronze Age–Late Minoan II–IIIB2 Knappett, Carl 2020
Wallace, Amy Catherine Studio of Nature: The Transformation of Artists' Studios, 1845–1910 Cheetham, Mark 2019
Addleman-Frankel, Kate Dividing Lines: Early Photogravure, Reproduction, and the History of Photography Bear, Jordan 2019
Gorjeltchan, Sasha Fixing History: Time, Space, and Monastic Identity at Saint-Aubin in Angers ca. 1100 Cohen, Adam S. 2019
Litvack, Chaya Amy Entries to Intimacy: Shared Solitude in Garth Greenwell's What Belongs to You, Anne Carson's Nox, and Roni Horn's Another Water (The River Thames, for Example) Ricco, John Paul 2019
Slattery, Susan Performing Portraiture: Picturing the Upper-class English Woman in an Age of Change, 1890–1914 Syme, Alison 2019
Welch, Adam Douglas Swinton Borderline Research: Histories of Art between Canada and the United States, c. 1965–1975 Legge, Elizabeth 2019
Lortie, Marie Afrique en Créations 1990–2011: Transnational Patronage in the Francophonie Harney, Elizabeth 2018
Bacal, Edward David Bodies Withdrawn: The Ethics of Abstraction in Contemporary Post-Minimal Art Ricco, John Paul 2018
Bissett, Tara The Architectural Imprint: Architecture and its Graphic Image in Early Modern France Anderson, Christy 2017
Kulick, Rachel Urban Soil Micromorphology at Bronze Age Palaikastro, Crete: A Geoarchaeological Investigation of Site Formation Processes Knappett, Carl 2017
Angel, Sara Joy A Moral Persuasion: The Nazi-Looted Art Recoveries of the Max Stern Art Restitution Project, 2002–2013 Legge, Elizabeth 2017
Aronowicz, Miriam The Triangle Arts Trust: Contemporary - Art and Transnational Production Harney, Elizabeth 2017
Horbatsch, Olenka Impressions of Innovation: Early Netherlandish Printmaking Kavaler, Ethan Matt 2017
Katz, Dana A Changing Mosaic: Multicultural Exchange in the Norman Palaces of Twelfth-Century Sicily Caskey, Jill 2017
Lauder, Adam Digital Materialisms: Information Art In English Canada, 1910–1978 Legge, Elizabeth 2017
Moss, Elizabeth Yoder Framing the Holy: Revetments on Late Byzantine Icons Safran, Linda; Caskey, Jill 2017
Murray, Colin Alexander Collaborative Painting Between Minds and Hands: Art Criticism, Connoisseurship, and Artistic Sodality in Early Modern Italy Sohm, Philip 2017
Smither, Devon Bodies of Anxiety: The Female Nude in Modern Canadian Art, 1913–1945 Cheetham, Mark A. 2017
Glover, Angela Dorothy Reconstructing the Office Furniture: The Art of Early Modern Choir Stall Kavaler, Ethan Matt 2016
Richardson, Sarah Aoife Painted Books for Plaster Walls: Visual Words in the Fourteenth-century Murals at the Tibetan Buddhist Temple of Shalu Purtle, Jenny 2016
Boivin, Julie Radical Ornament: Its Effects and Affects Understood through the Materiality of Rocaille Ornament and Body-horror Films Cheetham, Mark A. 2015
Iarocci, Bernice The Santissima Annunziata of Florence, Medici Portraits, and the Counter Reformation in Italy Sohm, Philip 2015
Reddy, Meredith Kaitlin Artful Mediums: Women, Séance Photography, and Materialization Phenomena, 1880–1930 Kaplan, Louis; Syme, Alison 2015
McQuillen, John Thomas In Manuscript and Print: The Fifteenth-century Library of Scheyern Abbey Cohen, Adam S. 2014
Bücheler, Anna Ornament as Argument: Textile Pages and Textile Metaphors in Medieval German Manuscripts (800–1100) Cohen, Adam S. 2014
Harper, Alexander Patronage in the re-Christianized Landscape of Angevin Apulia: The Rebuilding of Luceria sarracenorum into Civitas Sanctae Mariae Caskey, Jill 2014
Jakobiec, Katarzyna Anna Grain, Stone, and Red Velvet: The Material Assemblages of a City on the Vistula River in Poland, c. 1555–c. 1655 Anderson, Christy 2014
Ward, Flora Thomas Constructing the Cámara Santa: Architecture, History, and Authority in Medieval Oviedo Caskey, Jill 2014
Richards, Sandra From the Chapel to the Gallery: The Aestheticization of Altarpieces in Early Modern Italy Sohm, Philip 2013
Mikulinsky, Alma The Chisel and the Lens: Picasso, Brassaï, and the Photography of Sculptures: 1933–1948 Legge, Elizabeth 2013
Couzin, Robert Death in a New Key: The Christian Turn of Roman Sarcophagi Caskey, Jill 2013
Stead, Adam Robert Rebuilding St. Kunibert: Artistic Integration, Patronage, and Institutional Identities in Thirteenth-Century Cologne Cohen, Adam S. 2013
Carroll, Leanne Katherine Artist Writings: Critical Essays, Reception, and Conditions of Production since the 60s Cheetham, Mark A. 2013
Louria-Hayon, Adi Folding Spaces and Porous Bodies: Sound and Sight in Bruce Nauman's Oeuvre Cheetham, Mark A. 2013
Kralik, Christine A Matter of Life and Death: Forms, Functions and Audiences for "The Three Living and the Three Dead" in Late Medieval Manuscripts Caskey, Jill 2013
Tsoumis, Karine Bernardino Licinio: Portraiture, Kinship and Community in Renaissance Venice Sohm, Philip 2013
Beggs, Margo Harriet Hosmer (1830–1908): Fame, Photography, and the American 'Sculptress' Gotlieb, Marc 2013
Kurtovic, Nikolina Communist Stardom in The Cold War: Josip Broz Tito in Western and Yugoslav Photography, 1943–1980 Legge, Elizabeth 2012
Purvis, Betsy Bennett Palpable Politics and Embodied Passions:Terracotta Tableau Sculpture in Italy, 1450–1530 Sohm, Philip 2012
Mangone, Carolina Bernini as the Seicento Michelangelo: Imitation and Identity in Art, Architecture and Biography Levy, Evonne 2012
Napolitano, Elena Cristina Prospects of Statecraft: Diplomacy, Territoriality, and the Vision of French Nationhood in Rome, 1660–1700 Levy, Evonne 2012
Hoare, Alexandra Salvator Rosa as "Amico vero": The Role of Friendship in the Making of a Free Artist Sohm, Philip 2012
Diack, Heather The Benefit of the Doubt: Regarding the Photographic Conditions of Conceptual Art, 1966–1973 Kaplan, Louis 2012
Stone, Linda Gail Terrible Crimes and Wicked Pleasures: Witches in the Art of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Kavaler, Ethan Matt 2012
Gagne, Laura Middle Cypriot White Painted Ware: A Study of Pottery Production and Distribution in Middle Bronze Age Cyprus Knappett, Carl 2012
Guerin, Sarah Margaret Tears of Compunction: French Gothic Ivories in Devotional Practice Cohen, Adam S. 2012
Miller, Amy Rebecca The Stones of Cumbria Cohen, Adam S. 2011
Carson, Rebekah A. Andrea Riccio's Della Torre Tomb Monument: Humanism and Antiquarianism in Padua and Verona Nagel, Alexander 2010
Emmelhainz, Irmgard Before Our Eyes: Les mots, non les choses. Jean-Luc Godard's "Ici et ailleurs" (1970–74) and "Notre musique" (2004) Ricco, John Paul 2010