Room Bookings & AV Requests

Room Bookings & AV Requests

Department of Art History faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows can use this form to assist with room booking and audio-visual (A/V) requests. Please complete the fields below and click “Submit.”

For special events (e.g., guest lectures, seminars, panels), please submit the form well in advance of the event (1–2 months preferred).

The Department will do its best to fulfill your request but please note that room availability varies, and specific room requests cannot be guaranteed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Visual Resources Curator.

Note: The Department of Art History Common Room (SS 6029) and Seminar Room (SS 6032) are available for department events only, e.g., colloquia, GUStA or HASA meetings, working groups, department meetings, etc. Please see the Art History Room Booking Calendar to check room availability before submitting the Room Bookings form.

1. Contact Information
Provide a short title for the event (e.g., colloquium, guest lecture, MACS Proseminar Series, Art History Kaffeeklatsch, etc.).
If you are booking an event for a guest speaker, please provide their name and affiliation.
2. Room Requirements
Required well in advance of the event (1-2 months preferred)
Indicate the maximum amount of people you anticipate for the event.
Indicate the preferred date and time for the event. If your dates are flexible, please provide a range of dates or alternate options.
E.g., Lecture, Seminar, Reception, Boardroom, etc.
Proximity to Sidney Smith Hall, preferred rooms or buildings, etc.
3. Catering
Departmental administrative assistance is dedicated to supporting department-wide initiatives only (i.e., funded through the central and/or graduate department operating fund). Please provide catering details to at least four weeks in advance of the event. Personal or group events that require catering must be arranged by the event organizer(s).
4. A/V Requirements
We would like to inform you that our department's technical support team is only able to provide assistance for events and activities organized within our internal department (SS 6029, 6032, and SS6033). We regret that we are unable to offer technical support for events held in external locations. Our technical support team is dedicated to ensuring the smooth running of events and activities within our own department. This includes: Assisting in the setup audio/visual equipment, Troubleshooting technical issues that may arise, Providing guidance on the use of our in-house presentation and collaboration tools. While we understand the need for technical support for events outside of our department, our resources are limited. We kindly ask that you make alternative arrangements for technical assistance if your event is being held in an external location. If you are planning an internal department event that requires technical assistance, please submit your request to our support team at least 5 business days in advance. This will allow us to properly allocate our resources and ensure a successful event.
Please indicate if a projector or TV is required for the event. If so, please indicate if HDMI is necessary?
Provide a brief description of the audio requirements for the event, if any. e.g., built-in audio vs. external speakers.
Any additional tech accessories required for the booking, e.g., videoconferencing capabilities, laser remote, microphone, USB reading light, etc.? If no other accessories are required, type 'none' in the field below.
5. Advertising
Required at least 3-4 weeks prior to the event
If you answer "YES" below, you must provide the Visual Resources Curator with images to be used in the poster as soon as possible. A draft poster will be provided to you for approval below finalizing.