Faculty of Arts & Science

Art History Writing Lab

The Art History writing lab runs from September–April and offers workshops and one-on-one tutoring sessions to help students with idea development, writing, and editing art history papers. The writing lab operates under the direction of Dr. Colin Murray.

Get help with:

  • organizing and structuring ideas for different kinds of writing assignments (research essays, visual analyses, essay reviews, catalogue entries, etc.)
  • writing an effective introduction and conclusion in art history (they’re more important than you think)
  • identifying recurring issues in your writing, like grammar, word choice, and syntax
  • improving your citation mechanics: when to include footnotes or endnotes, how to format your citations, and what other information can be included in notes
  • improving your notetaking practices when reading
  • explaining what you’ve read in your own words
  • writing effective slide IDs and comparisons on tests
  • expanding your vocabulary for visual analysis
  • structuring seminar presentations


Art History students will be notified of workshops by email, and can sign up below for tutoring sessions. Additional timeslots will be added throughout the semester. Please note that you may have to disable ad blockers in your browser to properly view the interactive online booking calendar below.